A downloadable 007 for Windows, macOS, and Linux


† Walk on my 3d scanned body and meet some strangers. Maybe. †

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# It* is a playish thing around potential intimacy

between the playing and the author,

about an algorithm interpreting my body,

emphasizing the fragile inbetween as well

as a multiplayer mechanic that doesn't offer

a hotbed for competitive thinking. ***

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(potential) F U T U R E:

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xxx - Fixing vertical mouseview stuttering on some machines

xxx - Cleaning up the mesh, fixing the gaps


xxx - Reducing lags / networking optimization in general


xxx - Building custom controller


º Other known issues as well as the source code can be found over at github ->


In case you encounter unknown issues and have the time & lust to get involved, feel free to post a thread on github or @ me on twitter =)

Install instructions

Press ESC ingame to change mouse sensitivity. It sometimes need more than 1 press e_e

Right now the game seems to start with the presumption of VR-in-use.


1.01 Windows 37 MB
1.01 Mac OS X 51 MB
1.01 Linux 50 MB

Development log