A downloadable game for Windows and Mac OS X


You are an astronaut.

You are on a mission.

Collect the space debris so the path is clean for other ships.



F1.....................toggle fullscreen


BEWARE: The title screen is flickering/flashing in a fast pace. If you are sensitive to this kind of visuals but really want to play the game you can skip it with the SPACE bar. If you did right sounds will appear. There is also a version without the flickering title screen.


A game made by Lukas Panek & Christoph Schnerr in a 24h+ jam.

With footage from Nasa, coded with Haxepunk.


"Debris is an odd and disparate game, beholden to quirk and tragedy. .."

- Vextro


More information

Published1 year ago
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X
AuthorChristoph Schnerr
TagsAtmospheric, Minimalist, nasa, space-debris
Player countSingleplayer


Debris Win (115 MB)
Debris OS X 64 //note: buggy (190 MB)
Debris Win w/o flickering (115 MB)
Debris OS X 64 w/o flickering (190 MB)